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 A bonsai club for residents of The Villages, Florida

The Villages Bonsai Club meets the first Friday of the month @ 1:00 pm
at the Laurel Manor Recreation Center in the Adams room.  
Members can begin arriving @ 12:30 to help set up.

2017  Schedule

Jan. 2nd Meeting elected Reed Panos, President and Bob Silva, Vice-President
Treasurer, Paul Bova, Secretary Darry Bova

3rd Friday of the month
@ 12:30 pm at the Laurel Manor Recreation Center in the Adams room.


The Villages Bonsai Club is an educational club of individuals  interested in the living art of miniature trees.  Through the use of workshops, demonstrations, lectures, film presentations, and the club’s library, members strive to increase their proficiency in this fun and relaxing hobby.


Give someone a bonsai and they will have one...
Teach someone bonsai and they will have many!!

                                                          Bud Stout, Past President


What is a bonsai?

by Nanci Strickland, Former Club President  

Bonsai (pronounced “bone-sigh”, not "bon sigh") is a tree cultured in a container and therefore is small in size, yet in its entirety, expresses the beauty and volume of a tree grown in a natural environment. The literal meaning of bonsai is “plant in a tray”.  Originally traced to China and Japan, bonsai are seen as expressions of harmony between heaven and earth, ….man and nature.

What is the art of bonsai?

Today, the art of bonsai is practiced all over the world for the relaxation it affords as a practical hobby and for the deeper understanding of nature.  Bonsai is the art of choosing a plant which has the potential of becoming a good bonsai.  Then the plant is grown with care so that it blends with the container in which it is planted, in order to express a natural beauty. Adequate sunlight, water, fertilizer and suitable soil are necessary for healthy growth.   At the same time, careful trimming, pruning, re-potting, wiring, and other techniques are required to form the trees into the desired shapes.  The ultimate goal is to cultivate plants that are small in size, yet have the appearance of being seasoned and aged.

Why do bonsai remain small?

The fact that the plant is growing in a container, along with trimming, shaping of the plant and root system, all contribute to the final result of healthy but limited size of a bonsai tree.

How to get started with bonsai?

Anyone with the interest, time and a little space for growing plants can build and enjoy a bonsai collection. Bonsai do require a certain amount of time and attention, but the results are rewarding and it does not require a lifetime. Respectable bonsai can be developed in a few seasons when given proper care.  Although trees for bonsai can be grown from seed, more developed material such as seedlings, cuttings, trees from your yard, or nursery plants are usually preferred.  Nursery stock obtained in quart, gallon, or even larger containers, are popular sources for bonsai material. Small trees with an attractive, well defined trunk line and a pleasing distribution of branches can be shaped into bonsai. Top growth is cut back to make the tree smaller and emphasize the trunk and root structure.  

Remember the club meets the first Friday of the month @ 1:00 pm at the Laurel Manor Recreation Center in the Adams room.  Members can begin arriving @ 12:30 to help set up, and is a great source of help if you are interested in the art of bonsai.

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